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Buy & Sell Used Auto Parts


Esnapit is a buying and selling program for new and used auto partsThis App Idea is allowing buyers to list parts they are looking for on their own cars, motorcycles, boats, watercrafts, heavy duty equipment …etc and dealers, salvage yards and private seller will get back to them with an offer that includes Price, location, condition, description and pictures
The reason why we came up with this idea
Buyer side
1-We found out many buyers don’t know the name of the part they are looking for, the seller once they see the part, will figure it out
2-buyes call over 10 salvage yards to locate the part they want and they may end up with nothing
3-buyers seeking good deals so competition will take place between sellers
4-will save time for buyer
5-free for buyers
6-buyer will find high demand parts (any aftermarket parts on eBay normally sell within days)
Seller side
1-all salvage yards can’t post 100% of their inventory online
2-sellers will not need to have a big store or website with a list of a big inventory and waiting for sales
3-seller will find local buyer
4-free for sellers

Buyer will get offers, then decide which one is the best for him/her then they can accept best sellers offer
After accepting seller offer buyer will see sellers contact information such as phone number so buyer can reach seller and finish the sale
Signing up
There are 2 ways to sign up in Esnapit by facebook or email
Facebook: buyer / seller will have to sign in with their facebook account on facebook page
Email : buyer /seller will need to provide Name , Email, phone number( will only be seen by buyer after accepting seller offer only) and password
Listing wanted part
Buyer will have to fill out information (Make, Model, year, part name, request installation quote, days to expire and picture of part needed
Sending offer
Seller will send offer providing buyers with the following details (description, payment method, deliver method, price, days to prepare the part needed and picture)
All of these can be managed through MY ORDER section
seller and buyers will have access to all their wanted list, offer sent / received, pending sales and sales and purchases history
Here are few steps we took to make Esnapit safe market place
we didn’t allow buyers nor sellers to upload pictures from phone gallery , buyer /seller has to snap a picture of the part needed and part for sale in real time.
We created a few messages to guide buyers to check seller feedback, seller profile on google, seller business, and to pay by paypal or cash on pickup only